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Transformation for Living a Fascinating Abundant & Soul-Rich Life

" My skill is in taking people and opening them
to the fullness of who t
hey really are."


"Whether it be in the corporate world with transforming leaders or in culture & change management or in the personal development arena with one on one sessions and group programs my work always involves the alchemy of BECOMING.  Consciousness, the awareness we give our name to,  is designed to evolve and to continue it's journey of BECOMING MORE.  As we BECOME MORE our lives and our vision for our lives expand and we can create with less restrictions and more freedom. This is my work."

Founder of Personal Corporate & Global Consciousness. A facilitator, speaker, author and private therapist she has been working within the dynamics of consciousness for over three decades. In the Personal, Corporate and Global Consciousness arena her quantum model has been effectively transforming the hearts and minds of private individuals,  business teams, executive leadership and within global initiative groups in Australia, Asia-Pacific and Nth America. Certifications in Ericksonian Hypnosis; Neuro Linguistic Programming (Advanced Neuro Dynamics); Time-Line Therapy; the Quantum Collapse Process with Dr. John Demartini. In private practice at the Psychotherapy Association of Australia she founded Psycho-Tactile Therapy as a conjunct to working with Integration processes. Published author of  two books "Corporate Consciousness" and "Creating and Changing Your LIfe.  Using the framework of consciousness as the lens through which to operate she is a rated by Heidrick & Struggles as in the top 2% of transformational specialists globally. Now based in British Columbia Canada.


"This model that I now work with has been a natural evolution of  three decades of my research into transformation and change. Though I began my training in psychology in Melbourne Australia, psychology did not answer my questions for how to  transform consciousness.  It's premises as a starting point for human behaviour from my perspective were incomplete.  It was the quantum sciences that offered answers for what absorbed my investigative direction.  At the time there were no academic courses for the new sciences.  The research of such an exciting and  promising new lens about behaviour and life was left to the individual student.  After a 12 month sabbatical from facilitating corporate training programs and following most definitely "the road less travelled" I began to formulate a model for transforming behaviour, for integrating stuck-ness and depression that involved a natural process that quantum scientists would call a "particle-wave collapse".  Far from eliciting a "collapse" this was referring to an event that happens within our consciousness when we transform those above states into new insight, energy and into what some would call a  "healed" outcome. What collapses is the tension or dis-ease within the psyche that was previously present. 


"Taking this model into the executive leadership of the corporate world

I utilized it with clients such as



Toronto Star 




 Astral Media  

 ANZ Bank

  National Australia Bank

Australian Law Association

(see Linkedin profile).  


"The work of developing leaders or of engaging teams, and of approaching challenges, pains and past hurts with the individual reveals itself to be an act of uncovering the trajectory of individual growth. We are designed to become more and more complex. We are designed to gather more substance and depth from our experiences and confrontations.  We are indeed designed to be ever-Becoming.  This unfolds not from a position of "not enough"  or "deficiency" but simply from our natural evolutionary momentum to become wise. It's not about lessons or about deciding a destination for "wellbeing" or "success"  from the agenda of psychology or the outside world.  It's about our natural way of functioning. We are meant to understand more and more; to become more complex, more free in our creative capacities and to move to identifying with our true nature. That true nature is the companion to the true nature of reality. As we grow, mature and deepen we discover a life that was unseen by us before. We find a world that is rich, beautiful and much more open to our influence than we could imagine; and on it goes.  We are designed to become more, see more,  feel more, know more.  Every experience, from the deeply painful to the mental contortions in leadership and the lost wanderings of being alive will transform your very being  into more resourcefulness,  greater competencies,  more authentic relationships and the capacity to love. if you understand how. 

"My front page on this website is an unexpected "pop-coloured" set of pastings that are designed to inspire a life of 

fascination, of inspiration and creative juice. This is the natural outcome of living your life and transforming your journey with this model. The dry, clinical packaging for personal growth can evolve to the revelation that the more we grow the more joy we experience.  In truth we discover  more purpose and meaning, more celebration of life and the deeper more empathic maturity of being in right relationship with ourselves, with others and with our world.  I am passionately engaged with this work and I advocate for this new lens of consciousness and the souls journey as offering greater wellness, wholeness and true transformation."

Yvonne Evans 

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