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Midwifing the Soul & The Unlimited Self 



Founder of Personal Corporate & Global Consciousness. A speaker, author and facilitator she has been working within the dynamics of consciousness for over three decades. In the Personal, Corporate and Global Consciousness arena her quantum model has been effectively transforming the hearts and minds of private individuals,  business teams, leadership and within global initiative groups.  Multidimensional consciousness has been a natural evolution of that work born of the model of quantum sciences.


From the un-conscious

to the sub-conscious,

to the conscious



"By its very nature the multidimensional lens returns us to the use of spiritual definitions that describe functioning and define lines of memory within the DNA.  Words such as arcane, magical, ancient, lineage.... as such are descriptives denoting complex constructs of consciousness and how functioning is expressed.  In our classes we re-examine these oft-discarded definitions through an experiential lens.

"Physicists still argue that the unified field and phase conjugation cannot be proven.  Some claim to have a sacred geometric lens that offers such proof.  Within our classes we are able to experience a state of consciousness, a state of Being that is the unified field.  Phase conjugation has taken longer but in developing the measuring and observing devices and using the guard-rails of continuous emotional integration,  we are now exploring the field dynamics of phase conjugation and collective dream-spells.  It feels like the next frontier in non-drug facilitated "travel" where complex consciousness can be embodied in a stable and healthy way. For me, the focus now is in the exploration of harnessing that CREATIVE POWER; the super-conscious, the Soul and how to wave-steer what we are told is a holographic world of dreaming.  One thing I am certain of is that it is not done with the mind; it is done through embodiment."


Why the new paradigm offers solutions
for  moving forward?

The multidimensional you.

Crossing the bridge to a new world.

The feminine rising.

Women leading the way.

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