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By Invitation or Referral Only
*Those attending the June 4 event are invited to master classes

Master Classes are designed to teach you how to live in your superconscious state in an embodied and authentic way. Each class begins with discussions on what it means to be multidimensional. Each participants personal process of integration is given time to be shared and individuated.  A particular type of altered state experience is then facilitated using powerful music and deep relaxation to access our superconscious self where all of its creative power resides.


Body-centred and feeling-based the aim is to learn to feel the presence of your Higher Self, your Soul  and Source.. Learning to feel into the subtle bodies that interpenetrate the body moves us into our expanded, truer identity. The mind is free to do whatever it likes; here it is all about feeling.  Loud theta music is played to alter brain waves and the focus is on relaxing and learning to distinguish your levels of consciousness.  

Quantum notions of nesting levels of consciousness within the Being open us up to the fabric of our Beingness having an expanded existence. This existence or consciousness is an intelligent super-consciousness highway into the "more real".  When we connect with that super-consciousness highway deliberately we begin to build a relationship.   This is where the fun begins!


"The world is changing.  The tussle by power-players in the global collective can only be usurped by one power.....the true power of the creative super-consciousness.  Throughout the past few decades some have done the work of integration, individuation and coherence, attaining the state of wholeness. In further evolutionary explorations it was discovered that from this state of wholeness  new doorways open up that are beyond the sub-conscious and the conscious and are what we call the super-conscious. The super-conscious needs to be the lens through which you navigate your life to be beyond the collective influence.  These classes are about accessing, embodying and living with the super-conscious intelligence in your life."

Tuesday class is accepting referrals for 6 week series beginning June 20  6pm-7.30pm.

A commitment to the full 6 Tuesdays is essential.

Please bring  a  yoga mat and light blanket. An eye mask, journal and water bottle.

Some bring a small cushion under the head for comfort.


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