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Stay tuned for our new one day programs in the mountains!

The Souls embodyment and the Feminine path of enlightenment is not an option. It's not something we can decide to do or not to do; the physics of our consciousness shows us this fact.  Sooner or later you must walk the path of the feminine.  It has nothing to do with gender or spectrums of gender. It has to do with the nature of reality and the natural state of Being. Human beings have a Soul that is in effect our essential being and it will insist on being met one way or another.

In so many ways I find it startling that we need encouragement to honour or value our Soul.  Its' world is beauty, art, song, dance, feelings, love, intimacy, poetry, sensuality, earthly sense-filled experiences and tantra; gatherings,  inclusion and creativity. It holds space for mystery and for the sacred terrain of our inner worlds realms. It is connected to Nature, to cycles and seasons and it feels the ebb and flow of the dance.  The Soul's world is filled with a rich and intimate connection with Life.


However the stripping back to the Soul calls us to drop our pretense and to  be real; we are asked to feel at depths and to be emotionally honest.  The Souls pathway to discovery will not be controlled.  On the contrary it calls us to personal exposure, to vulnerability and to listening to our inner child, It  calls us to confront all that we fear all that stands in the way of freedom and abundance.  So yes, it is a path of courage and of stamina.  Yet we can do it with greater ease and joy if we approach it with a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Future programs will be all under the umbrella of the Feminine Path.  The Soul, the unlimited multidimensional self and the invitation to creating a personal rennaissance in your own life will be themes we will reach for.  Stay tuned!

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